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The transformation from Hotmail to Outlook is not all flawless. In fact, there have been many outages with these two email services that you may also have faced frequently. Hotmail problems leave you completely clueless as you don’t understand how to deal with them. On the other hand, email errors may turn out to be a bit expensive and sloppy for you. Until and unless you remove them completely from your email account, all your important work gets to a halt.

Hotmail problems


Annoying Hotmail Problems And Their Solutions

If you are using Hotmail before its transition to Outlook, you must have come across various issues with your account. In spite of trying a lot, you still may not have found any positive result. That is the reason our Hotmail Support has introduced a few potential solutions to your Hotmail problems.

Slow Hotmail Performance

After a certain period of time, you may find out that your Hotmail performance has become slower than before. Slow performance of your email server may be annoying for you. Especially if you have created your Hotmail ID for your official uses. Follow the steps we have mentioned below and remove this problem immediately.

In this situation, the first thing you should do is, remove all the causes that are bloating up your PST. Immediately delete all the old unwanted emails, especially the ones with large file attachments. Secondly, you can archive your emails and release the PST burden.

Hotmail App Crashing

This is one of the most common Hotmail problems. Hotmail app crashes unexpectedly and delays in sending and receiving emails. Unfortunately, many of your add-ins have bugs and that is the reason behind your app crashing. Also, installing too many add-ins may be the cause of your app crashing without any warning.

In order to remove this app crashing issue, start your Hotmail in the safe mode. Most of the time, running your app on safe mode resolves many of your Hotmail problems. Therefore, you can easily avoid this problem by following this method.

Hotmail Problems On iPhone

If you are using an iPhone device and trying to run Hotmail on that machine, you must have met with a few unwanted glitches. For example, login errors, compatibility issues and many more. Until and unless you resolve those problems immediately, you may get stuck with your work.

To remove this problem completely, go to settings and select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”. Now click on “Add account” and tap on “exchange”. To cut short, you have to remove your Hotmail account on your iPhone and proceed with the same again.

Too Much Of Spam Emails

As a Hotmail user, you might also be annoyed with too many spam emails in your inbox. Suppose, you are going to find an important email and the only thing creating an obstacle is a lot of spam emails. Even if you delete them, Hotmail again sends you a bunch of spam emails and fills your inbox.

In this case, either your computer is malware-infected or your email account has been hacked. You can change your password and check if the problem is resolved. On the other hand, you can also scan your hard disk by running an antivirus program.

Are you having some other issue with your Hotmail account? Reach out to our Hotmail Customer Support Number at +1-855-622-4041 and find a clarification of your problem. We are here to eliminate your Hotmail glitches and make your experience better with Hotmail. So don’t hesitate to take away all the necessary information from our support specialists.

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